Welcome to Malaysian Birding Tours!

We offer a range of customised birding tours around Malaysia. From day trips to see Mountain Peacock Pheasant to a 14 day tour to bump up your life list, we aim to provide an incredible birding experience through a combination of local knowledge and experience in one of the world's megadiverse country.

Based in the strategic capital Kuala Lumpur, we can take you to birding sites for specialty twitches as well as trips to the far corners of the country for the most enigmatic and localised species. Though our tours are designed primarily for birdwatching we make a point to also provide an enjoyable relaxing holiday. Please contact us for more information.

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    Tell us what you want to see and we’ll propose where to go

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    We plan and arrange everything. All you need to do is bird, eat, sleep, repeat.

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    We arrange the tour according to your schedule

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    Personalized transportation to take you wherever you want